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Study Smarter, Not Harder – Tips & Strategies For Working With Dyslexia

It is evident that being a sufferer of dyslexia can mean taking a huge amount of hard work, particularly when it comes to revising and doing homework. It is so important for parents of dyslexic children to be well prepared to help with their child’s learning needs and communicate their apprehensions with their teachers. Whilst […]

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Dear Teacher: My Child Has Dyslexia | What Does Your Child’s Teacher Need To Know About Dyslexia?

It shouldn’t matter how slowly some children learn as long as we are encouraging them not to stopIf your child is dyslexic, difficulties frequently become more evident in their learning as they progress through school. Dyslexic children can frequently be made to feel different from their peers. Often tasks which may seem simple to others, […]

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We’re Open, But Your Safety Comes First

The health and safety of our customers, employees and community has always been and will continue to be our first priority. We are closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and are taking steps to help protect our customers and communityAs we gradually adjust to the new normal, we understand some patients may be feeling nervous […]

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A North London Optical Practice for over 60 years: 327 Regents Park Road

Discovering local history allows us the opportunity to create a picture of what the town we live in was like in the past and help shape who we are todayLocations and objects in your community can reflect the long heritage of the pastgenerations of where you live. The more we understand about our local history, […]

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See the world in HD with Vista-Mesh lenses

Night driving glare? Computer eye strain? Eyestrain with general reading and writing? Vista-Mesh lenses may be the answer to all your anti-glare visual problemsThese lenses have been specifically designed to relieve a number of visual stress related symptoms through their clever blend of two technologies. These unique lenses have been in the UK for the […]

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7 Reasons You Should Be Keeping Your Opticians Local

Local businesses are the backbone of the economy, not only for providing local employment and essential services, but to create a vibrant and sustainable local community. The world is gradually becoming increasingly dominated by chain store opticians, which usually tend to be designed to operate and appear similar. Independent opticians are were innovation happens and […]

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Tomato Glasses: Eyewear Specialized for Children

Tomato glasses is a multiple award winning leading brand for children’s eyewear, specifically created for new born babies up to teens, they have been designed to be the most comfortable, adjustable and light frames to fit any child’s needs.The brand was founded in 2003 by Mr Sungjoon Kim, when his son needed glasses and could […]

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Back To School Essentials: Book An Eye Test

Your child’s eyes are their windows to the worldAs students begin prepare returning to school after these past few unusual months, we want to make sure all the essentials are ticked off their back to school checklist. In-between attending online Zoom classes as well as socialising with friends, surfing the web and watching television programmes, […]

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A Simple Guide To Varifocals

 Varifocal lenses have been the ultimate invention for those who require glasses for both reading and distance, as well as those with presbyopia, a farsightedness many of us experience after the age of 45. The gradual changing power of the lens from the top to the bottom of the lens allows you to see across […]

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Understanding the importance of Sports & Protective Eyewear

When playing sports or participating in other physical activities, we make sure to protect our arms and legs, and it should be the same for our eyes. Only in recent years, the sports world has understood the importance of wearing eyewear specifically designed to protect your eyes during sporting activities. A range of athletes from […]

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Eco-Conscious Digital Image

Good Design Is Sustainable Design: Introducing The Eco-friendly Eyewear company you have been waiting for

“Wear glasses that matter”We are very proud to introduce our first-ever Sustainable Eco-friendly optical collection. Eco-Conscious eyewear is a new brand which prides themselves on developing chic and exclusive bio-based acetate eyewear for both Men and Women. The brand’s collaboration with the charity ‘One Tree Planted’, allows them to help reforestation efforts in the fight […]

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How to stop your glasses from fogging [TOP TIPS]

How to fight the fog? Tips on how to stop your glasses steaming up:From 24th July 2020, face coverings are now mandatory in shops, banks, indoor public spaces and stations to protect us and reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). And people have started to realise there is an irritating side-effect for those who wear […]

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[COVID-19] How can your optician ensure you have a safe eye test?

The Coronavirus COVID19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. Within the space of months everything has changed. Something as important as looking after your eyes and vision has become less straightforward and increases the exposure to risk to yourself and the optometrist.  Thankfully, with careful planning, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and the latest examination technology, […]

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Don't fit your child with ortho-k lenses

What happens to your eyes after COVID-19?

The Novel Coronavirus is still painting a puzzling picture. As doctors and scientists are getting to grips with the way the virus is spread, how it infects and affects the body and what the short- and long-term complications. Some reports and papers are being published about the post-COVID-19 visual and ocular symptoms. Here is a […]

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Working from home

Computer Vision Syndrome: Are your eyes suffering whilst working from home?

​The advent of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has radically transformed the way we all live and work. Jump straight to the tips! Top 7 tips for Computer/VDU users Within just two weeks, we’ve been quarantined to our homes. The new reality has quickly forced significant changes. The unknowns and worry of this global pandemic, the economic and […]

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COVID-19 could make the world more short-sighted

How COVID-19 could make the world more short-sighted [WARNING]

Take our FREE online assessment to reveal your child’s risk of deterioration of myopia? COVID-19 is an unprecedented global pandemic the likes of which has not been seen in our lifetime. The procedures in place to limit the spread and impact of the virus will represent a huge change in how we live and work. There […]

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Visual Development Milestones – What should my child see or do?

Your Child’s Development Milestones: Quick Navigation Birth1 month2 to 3 months4 to 5 months5 to 7 months7 to 12 months12 to 18 months18 to 24 months36 to 48 months48 to 72 months (4 to 6 years) BirthBorn with poor sightInfant will blink or withdraw in response to bright light or touching eyeEyes are frequently uncoordinated […]

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Walter and Herbert spectacle frames

Walter and Herbert – Why is this our favourite range?

Walter and Herbert – Hand-made in England to give you high quality frames that feel great and look fabulousThe Walter and Herbert frame range heralds a welcome return to classic British design, artistry, quality and hand-made manufacture. The roots of the range come from the innovative entrepreneurs, Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn, who in 1946 […]

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Rory's Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory’s Story CubesThe next time you visit us, check out our amazing range of Rory’s story cubes. They are a fun and addictive way to help boost creativity, problem-solving, story-telling, visualisation, speech and language skills in an simple game. They can provide inspiration for creative writing, art and even music. It can also help develop […]

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Save the environment - recycle your contact lens materials

Save the environment – Recycle your contact lens materials

We are leading the way in reducing plastic pollution from Contact Lenses to help children with reading difficulties Contact lenses provide a very welcome and sought-after relief from the burden of spectacle wear for millions of people in the UK. The advent of disposable contact lenses, especially those replaced daily have significantly improved the health of […]

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