History of Central Vision Opticians

About Us

Having served our local community for the past decade, Central Vision Opticians has built a reputation as being a loyal and dependable practice, somewhere you can always count on for all your optical needs. 

We're are a multi-award winning optometry practice that is dedicated to providing you outstanding care and expertise, time to investigate your eyes and vision with the latest cutting edge high tech equipment. This means that we'll spend the time to understand your visual needs and be able to offer a solution that is tailored for you.

Central Vision Opticians is an innovative practice where you will always find the latest services, products and technology so you can rest assured that your eyes will be cared for better than ever before. 

We are global pioneers in myopia management, helping children and adults with reading and learning difficulties, helping people with visual problems. Read more about our Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values>>

Read more about some of our milestones and notable events here>>

Bhavin Shah, our founder, is a key opinion leader and respected visionary in the industry. Read more about him here>>

Our services include:

  • Myopia Management for Children
  • Learning difficulties, dyslexia and visual stress
  • Assessments with coloured lenses and specific tints for reading
  • Visual performance for VDU and computer use
  • Binocular vision difficulties, including Convergence Insufficiency
  • Visual tracking
  • Sports vision and sports eye protection
  • Advanced eye examinations
  • Contact lenses
  • Dry eye examinations and blepharitis investigation
In May 2012, Bhavin was accepted as a member of the Rotary Club of Golders Green, this has enabled him to do more charity and community work.