Back To School Essentials: Book An Eye Test

Your child’s eyes are their windows to the world

As students begin prepare returning to school after these past few unusual months, we want to make sure all the essentials are ticked off their back to school checklist. In-between attending online Zoom classes as well as socialising with friends, surfing the web and watching television programmes, there is not nearly enough time spent away from a digital screen.

Poor eyesight can cause learning and behavioural problems, which could be blamed on other things, especially with younger children who may find it difficult to explain having problems with their eyesight. Having an eye test will allow us to observe and evaluate the health and condition of your eyes and provide us with the information to protect the health and wellness for your child’s eyes in the future.

The modern digital world is putting pressure on our children’s eyes now more than ever, but it is so important to remember that good vision during a child’s early years is vital for them to learn about the world.

Regular appointments with your optician are as important for your child's health and development as those with your dentist and doctor. Children often cannot communicate if they are having vision problems, and in many cases don’t even realise. Studies have consistently linked poor vision and visual disorders to school performance, especially since 80% of learning is through visual learning in children’s early years.

We know children can sometimes feel slightly uneasy about coming in for an eye test, rest assured we will make it as much of a fun and comfortable experience as can be. In addition, we want to ensure you we are carefully following all the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and have acquired new technology to do an even more in-depth eye test than ever before.

Don't forget eye problems are much easier to treat if they are picked up when your child’s vision Is still developing. Get your child's eye test ticked of their back to school checklist and book an appointment with us today. 

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