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Understanding the importance of Sports & Protective Eyewear

When playing sports or participating in other physical activities, we make sure to protect our arms and legs, and it should be the same for our eyes. Only in recent years, the sports world has understood the importance of wearing eyewear specifically designed to protect your eyes during sporting activities. A range of athletes from basketball, to swimming are at risk of developing impaired vision as a result of eye injury, if not wearing the correct eye protection. Usually, the lenses on sports eyewear are made of polycarbonate, as this is such an impact lens material and works very well to protect your eyes from fast-moving objects, however the materials used vary depending on each model sporting purpose.

Racquet sports: Whether it is tennis or badminton, if there is a small and fast-moving ball, a hit in the eye can cause serious damage. It is also important to consider the speed and strength of the racquets when playing, especially those moments where you are too absorbed in the game to pay attention to your surroundings. 

Cycling: There are a few factors to consider when deciding which glasses or goggles would be the most appropriate for yourself or your child when cycling. UV protection is a definite must, and if you are a mountain biker it is vital to invest in something with full coverage to protect you from branches and debris. 

Swimming: Having sharp vision underwater with prescription goggles can greatly enhance your performance. Clearer vision means the only thing you will need to worry about is getting from start to finish whilst keeping a close eye on your opponents.

One of the brand’s we dispense in store is Bollé, a high-quality sunglasses and goggles brand which exclusively designs eyewear for performance and protection, starting from £179. Bollé’s advanced lenses now make wrap around sunglasses for various prescriptions, including progressive lenses. The individual progressive lenses allow you to have dynamic vision, with the near zone being specifically designed for sports. Each model of glasses or goggles are designed according to a specific sport, for example the cycling eyewear is a wrap-around frame to give you peripheral vision, as well as enhancing your visibility and protection whilst cycling.

Another brand we dispense in store is ProGear, an excellent and highly reliable brand which has been ranked as the world's highest rated sports glasses, passing all 3 international sports safety standards. ProGear sports glasses are equipped with everything you need for the very best in sports protection and correction, starting from £139. Each frame is made to give you the ultimate protection, whilst considering the specific elements of design for each sporting activity. As you can see in the image below, the lady is wearing protective eyewear specifically for racquet sports, which has been made with a durable frame design to withstand the impact of a ball or racquet, there is also full coverage to the eye socket to prevent any damage, as well as the frame being close to her face for full protection.

Choosing the right visual aid is just as important as choosing the right equipment and accessories. There have been countless cases of emergency room eye injuries each year that have been sports-related, and could have been easily prevented with the correct eye protection. Getting the best possible eyewear to maximise your sports performance begins with your prescription and making sure it is up to date. If you haven’t had your eyes tested in the past 2 years, it may be worth having your eyes tested before you buy protective eyewear. Ensuring you have the correct prescription, as well as advising us which sports you will be playing allows us to advise which protective eyewear will be best for you.

Did you know?

  • A squash ball can travel up to 140mph
  • A cricket ball can travel up to 93mph
  • 90% of sports-related eye injuries could have been prevented by wearing protective eyewear
  • There are more than 30,000 sports-related eye injuries each year which result in the emergency room
  • Squash balls alone are responsible for 2,000 hospital admissions in the UK each year

There are several sports which involve rackets and balls moving at a high speed in a confined space, so it is important to keep in mind how easily an injury could happen to your eyes. Initially, particularly with children, there may be a concern of ‘looking funny’ however today sports glasses or goggles are accepted as an everyday part of life. Wearing sports eyewear shows others you’re a serious player and not there to mess around.

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