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Happy children on our active myopia management programme

Our Active Approach to Myopia Management

How We Do Things Differently That Makes Us So Successful at Myopia Management If you’re looking for an optometrist to manage your child’s myopia, you’ll want to know that they’re taking a proactive approach to your child’s vision and myopia. At Central Vision Opticians, we understand that the best way to protect your child’s vision is […]

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Habits for children reading myopia

7 Simple Reading Habits to Help Combat Myopia Progression

As parents, we all want to nurture our children’s development and well-being. When it comes to their vision, especially in managing or reducing the risk of myopia progression, the way they read can play a crucial role. Here are some of Central Vision Opticians’ practical and easy-to-implement tips to help your child develop healthier reading […]

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Options for myopia management 2023. Orthokeratology (OrthoK), MiSight, Miyosmart, Stellest

What are the latest ways to help your child with myopia or glasses for short-sight? [updated for 2023]

Check out our round-up of the latest and most effective methods to manage your child’s myopia/short to reduce the amount and risk of deterioration or progression whilst giving them the best vision for school, learning and for play. Table of Contents There are 3 main ways to manage the rate of progression of myopia: Orthokeratology (Orthok, […]

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Misight essential questions to ask

5 Essential questions you MUST ask BEFORE your child wears MiSight contact lenses

Are you considering MiSight contact lenses for your child? Ask your practitioner the following questions BEFORE your child starts wearing MiSight contact lenses. 5 Essential questions to ask How much experience do you have with MiSight contact lenses? How many children have you fitted with MiSight contact lenses? How do you monitor the change in a child […]

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visual snow syndrome simulator

A Closer Look at Visual Snow Syndrome: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

If you’re experiencing visual disturbances such as tiny flickering dots, static, or flashing lights in your visual field, you may be living with Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS). This condition can have a significant impact on your quality of life, causing symptoms such as light sensitivity, tinnitus, headaches, and dizziness. For many individuals with VSS, visual disturbances […]

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Miyosmart and stellest lenses for myopia management

Read this before your child wears Miyosmart glasses for myopia [IMPORTANT]

What are Miyosmart and Stellest spectacle lenses?These are new and revolutionary spectacle lenses for slowing the progression and deterioration of myopia in children. But before you arrange a fitting for your child, you must be aware of all the factors that contribute to your child’s myopia, when Miyosmart or Stellest lenses are NOT suitable for […]

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Johansen Individualized Auditory Stimulation

Listen Better, Learn Better: JIAS Therapy for Learning Difficulties

Does your child struggle to listen and follow instructions? Do they have trouble remembering what they hear, or seem easily distracted in noisy environments? If so, your child may be experiencing difficulties with auditory processing, which can have a significant impact on their learning and development. Table of Contents What is JIAS Therapy?How does JIAS […]

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Central Vision Opticians in the Myopia Management Practice of the Year UK 2022

Are you looking for the best practice for myopia management in the UK?

In December 2022 we were thrilled to be announced as the winner of the Myopia Management Award of the Year in the Optician Awards, organised by the Optician Magazine. Myopia is the medical term for short sight, where people have to wear glasses to see in the distance. Over the past 20 years, there has been […]

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MiSight vs OrthoK which is better

MiSight vs OrthoK: Which is better?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. As one of the UK’s leading providers of management of children’s myopia and short sight and after successfully fitting and helping hundreds of children with both options, we wanted to share our extensive insights to give you a rundown of each option. Table of Contents MiSight […]

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Bhavin Shah

Bhavin Shah

Bhavin Shah is a multi-award-winning, global pioneer in eyecare and founder of Central Vision Opticians.  He has always been a problem solver, technophile and innovator.  Insert Image Bhavin Shah graduated from UMIST (University of Manchester) in 1996. Since he qualified as an Optometrist in 1997, he has been dedicated to delivering exceptional eye care to […]

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History of Central Vision Opticians

History of Central Vision Opticians

Central Vision Opticians is a trailblazing and pioneering optometry practice that leads the world in providing unique eye care services. We have a history of innovation and providing our patients and customers an experience that can’t be beaten. Our services mean that you can have complete peace of mind that your eyes and vision will […]

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covid childrens vision

How COVID-19 could have changed your children’s eyes and vision forever?

In March 2020 at the onset of the pandemic, I gave a warning and prediction about how the COVID-19 could affect children’s vision. Unfortunately, some of these predictions have come true. The lockdown meant that millions of children had been forced into lockdown and continue their education remotely. The reduced outdoor time and increased indoor time, […]

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MiyoSmart spectacle lens

MiyoSmart by Hoya: a revolutionary spectacle lens to help combat myopia

Central Vision Opticians are excited to announce that they are one of the initial practices trained and accredited to fit and supply innovative MiyoSmart spectacle lenses with DIMS technology by Hoya, for reducing the progression of childhood myopia without the need for contact lenses. Quick Navigation What are the existing methods to manage and slow […]

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How to stop your glasses from fogging [TOP TIPS]

How to fight the fog? Tips on how to stop your glasses steaming up:From 24th July 2020, face coverings are now mandatory in shops, banks, indoor public spaces and stations to protect us and reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). And people have started to realise there is an irritating side-effect for those who wear […]

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[COVID-19] How can your optician ensure you have a safe eye test?

The Coronavirus COVID19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. Within the space of months everything has changed. Something as important as looking after your eyes and vision has become less straightforward and increases the exposure to risk to yourself and the optometrist.  Thankfully, with careful planning, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and the latest examination technology, […]

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Don't fit your child with ortho-k lenses

What happens to your eyes after COVID-19?

The Novel Coronavirus is still painting a puzzling picture. As doctors and scientists are getting to grips with the way the virus is spread, how it infects and affects the body and what the short- and long-term complications. Some reports and papers are being published about the post-COVID-19 visual and ocular symptoms. Here is a […]

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Working from home

Computer Vision Syndrome: Are your eyes suffering whilst working from home?

​The advent of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has radically transformed the way we all live and work. Jump straight to the tips! Top 7 tips for Computer/VDU users Within just two weeks, we’ve been quarantined to our homes. The new reality has quickly forced significant changes. The unknowns and worry of this global pandemic, the economic and […]

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Visual Development Milestones – What should my child see or do?

Your Child’s Development Milestones: Quick Navigation Birth1 month2 to 3 months4 to 5 months5 to 7 months7 to 12 months12 to 18 months18 to 24 months36 to 48 months48 to 72 months (4 to 6 years) BirthBorn with poor sightInfant will blink or withdraw in response to bright light or touching eyeEyes are frequently uncoordinated […]

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Walter and Herbert spectacle frames

Walter and Herbert – Why is this our favourite range?

Walter and Herbert – Hand-made in England to give you high quality frames that feel great and look fabulousThe Walter and Herbert frame range heralds a welcome return to classic British design, artistry, quality and hand-made manufacture. The roots of the range come from the innovative entrepreneurs, Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn, who in 1946 […]

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Rory's Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory’s Story CubesThe next time you visit us, check out our amazing range of Rory’s story cubes. They are a fun and addictive way to help boost creativity, problem-solving, story-telling, visualisation, speech and language skills in an simple game. They can provide inspiration for creative writing, art and even music. It can also help develop […]

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