How do I know if my child is having problems learning because of their eyes or vision?

If you can tick 2 or more of the symptoms below then please contact Central Vision Opticians for professional advice

  • Blurry vision
  • Words moving, jumping, foggy, swimming, floating (plus many other descriptions)
  • Eyes burning, sore or itchy etc or rubbing eyes after reading or other visual tasks
  • Headaches especially after reading or using eyes
  • Having to bring the text very close to read
  • Difficulty in copying from the board
  • Skipping or missing lines or words when reading

However some children may exhibit other behaviour or general problems such as:

  • Their performance falling short of potential, especially at school
  • Avoiding reading or quickly losing attention when reading
  • Continous reading is inaccurate and strained, yet they can read single words easily
  • Having to use a finger, marker or tracker to read
  • Regularly losing things
  • Difficulty in estimating distances and sizes
  • Frequently fails to complete work on time
  • Being clumsy, fidgeting a lot or having problems with balance
  • Poor hand writing or writing at slant (uphill or downhill)
  • Omitting small words when reading
  • Loses place frequently when reading
  • Moves head excessively as reads across page
  • Poor reading comprehension, and often have to re-read the page to get the meaning
  • Misaligning digits or columns of numbers
  • Confuses similar words
  • Confuses right and left including directions
  • Says words aloud or moves lips as reads
  • Confuses or reverses letters (eg b &d or p & q)
  • Difficulty completing assignments on time, not using his/her time well
  • Losing belongings/things, forgetful/poor memory
  • Difficulty in using hand tools – Scissors, keys, calculators etc
  • Saying “I can’t” before even trying
  • Poor coordination at near, typically shown as bumping into, or knocking things over, yet may be good at sports. This may be identified as ‘dyspraxia‘ but may simply be a vision problem

If you can tick 2 or more of the symptoms below then please contact Central Vision Opticians for professional advice

Some of the signs above will require our special examination, called The Reading Edge®, to establish the exact cause of difficulty and to determine the best way to help your child.

If your child is having difficulty with reading or learning please contact us and we can give you a free visual symptoms assessment.

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