A Simple Guide To Varifocals

Varifocal lenses have been the ultimate invention for those who require glasses for both reading and distance, as well as those with presbyopia, a farsightedness many of us experience after the age of 45. The gradual changing power of the lens from the top to the bottom of the lens allows you to see across different vision zones, meaning the days of switching between your reading and distance glasses are finally over!

What are Varifocals and how do they work?

Varifocals have a unique surface which allows the focus of the lens to vary depending on the distance that you want to look at. The blending of the lens means you can see things clearly from a close distance, intermediate and far, providing you with a spectrum of focal power.

The top part of the lens is for distance viewing

The middle part is set for intermediate viewing, for those using a computer screen

The bottom part is for close up, ie reading, texting and fine small print

If it is your first-time using Varifocals, it is important to be patient when getting comfortable with them as you will not be used to one lens providing you with all  distances. Usually getting used to them only takes a few days, although it can take a couple of weeks in some cases. However, once you do feel comfortable with them, we are certain you won’t be able to live without them.

When deciding which Varifocal lenses will be most beneficial for yourself , it is crucial to understand the difference between the lenses. A key question is how much peripheral vision would work best with your lifestyle? The image below displays the various designs we offer,  as well as showing an example of how much peripheral vision each lens gives you. The X Design by Essilor is the lens which allows the most optimal peripheral vision, as demonstrated in the image below. 

Varifocals allow you to multitask without having to switch between frames, so whether you are reading your book, looking at a computer screen, or driving, you will only be needing one frame.

If you would like to find out more information on the subject of Varifocals, check out the article below.

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