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Our Active Approach to Myopia Management

How We Do Things Differently That Makes Us So Successful at Myopia Management 

If you're looking for an optometrist to manage your child's myopia, you'll want to know that they're taking a proactive approach to your child's vision and myopia. At Central Vision Opticians, we understand that the best way to protect your child's vision is through actively managing their myopia, not just passively monitoring it.

Most optometrists approach myopia management passively, simply monitoring its progression and prescribing glasses or contact lenses from limited experience and range of options. However, we take a more proactive approach by assessing the visual system and utilising the latest technology and options to successfully minimise the progression of your child’s myopia.

Putting Your Child First

Understanding Your Child’s Needs

We aim to have a great rapport with your child, so they always feel safe, welcome and happy to visit us. Children realise this is a journey to help their vision be the best it can be. Keeping your child engaged in the process helps to keep them at ease, helps our examinations to be more reliable, and also has a great experience with myopia management. This includes great vision, visual skills and comfortable eyes.

Bhavin was extremely patient with my kids, spent time getting to know us as a family and understood all our concerns. He clearly cares about delivering a professional and friendly service and being able to explain the procedures and steps in easy-to-understand terms



Understanding Your Child’s Visual System

We start by conducting a comprehensive assessment to determine the current state of your child's vision, how their visual system is working, and how they focus and coordinate their eyes. As Behavioural Optometrists, we have a deeper understanding of a child’s visual system, how their eyes work together and focus to see clearly and any instabilities that may be contributing to the progression of their myopia. Our approach to myopia management is rooted in our understanding of your child’s visual system.  From there, we work with you and your child to develop a personalised myopia management plan that takes into account their visual system and lifestyle. This may include a combination of special lenses, vision therapy, and other interventions that have been shown to be effective in controlling myopia progression.

The visual assessment for examining the kids' myopia was much more extensive than I’ve ever seen before



Assessing fusional reserves for myopia management
Assessing accommodation (focusing) and binocular vision (ACA ratio)

Enhancing Your Child’s Visual Skills

In addition to managing myopia progression, we aim to develop and promote your child’s optimum visual skills. This could be a child who starts scoring more goals playing football after starting to wear contact lenses; or a child who performs better at school because they can focus more quickly and see the board and their work more clearly.

Advanced Technology for Active Myopia Management

Latest Equipment for Myopia Management and Visual Assessment

We use the latest technology to monitor your child's eyes, including state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments, so that we can track their vision health over time and make adjustments to their myopia management plan as needed. We often have access to technology before it is released so your child will always receive the most advanced assessment to help slow the rate of change.

Advanced technology axial length for myopia management

Monitoring Myopic Changes in Your Child’s Eyes

Analysing the structural changes in your child’s eyes helps us to monitor the progression of their eyes over time. This includes accurate scanning and recording of eyeball growth (axial length) using highly sophisticated and precise equipment. We can plot and differentiate between changes due to myopia and natural growth. For all children, we also conduct accurate mapping of the curvature of the front surface of the eye. This gives us better results for contact lens fittings, overnight contact lenses work more effectively and study other changes with the eyes.

Axial length and accurate measurement of the structure of the eye for myopia management
Corneal mapping and topography for orthokeratology lenses for myopia management

Most Up-To-Date Lens and Glasses Options for Your Child

We also have access to the latest options for myopia management, including innovative treatments that are not widely available. Our commitment to providing the best possible care for our patients has earned us a reputation as one of the global leaders in myopia management. You can rest assured that your child will always receive the more current option that is unique to their needs rather than a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We actively research and test new options and solutions for management, At every appointment, we will discuss any potential developments that could help your child.

They have been absolutely brilliant. They explained myopia and all of the current management options to me



Treatment that is as Unique as Your Child 

We believe that your child deserves more than just passive management of their myopia. Our team of behavioural optometrists have a deep understanding of the visual system and are trained to identify and treat the underlying causes of myopia progression. By taking a proactive approach, we can help slow down the progression of myopia and protect your child’s eyesight for the future. You can rest assured that your child will always be offered the best option that is specific to their needs instead of being offered a generic option because the practitioner doesn’t have experience in other options or is only able to offer 1 or 2 options for commercial reasons.

We have over 10 different options for contact lenses, including custom-made lenses for your child; and 5 different options for spectacle lenses.

Great Results for Myopia Management

At our practice, your child’s eye health is our top priority. We understand that myopia management can be a confusing and stressful process, but our team is here to support you every step of the way. From our warm and welcoming environment to our personalized approach to care, we aim to provide a stress-free and enjoyable experience for you and your child. This is reflected in the amazing results we achieve with our myopia management programme. Over 7 years of successful experience means that you can rest assured that we’ll strive to help your child.

my prescription was going up higher after every checkup and it was very high so we decided to come here and it hasn't changed in over two years now


14 Year Old Myope

We have been really surprised and pleased with the results



Give Your Child The Best

Don’t settle for passive myopia management for your child. Choose a practice that takes a proactive approach and is committed to protecting your child’s vision for life. Choose our team of myopia marvels – the superheroes of eye care.

If you want more information about the specific details of how our programme could help your child, please give us a call on 02083431122 or send us an email at [email protected]

Don’t Take Our Word For It

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I've already been telling other parents about you and passing on all the information you have given us



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If you want more information about the specific details of how our programme could help your child, please give us a call on 02083431122 or send us an email at [email protected]

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