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Serengeti: Are these the best sunglasses ever?

THAT’S AMAZING! After nearly two decades in the optical industry and seeing things come and go, I hardly ever say that about a new product. “These are the best sunglasses ever” I was told enthusiastically. Yeah right, I thought to myself, another product that claiming to be the best. I have a fascination for the optical market and I always give things a go, even if I’m cynical. What Car? magazine did a test drive of driving sunglasses in Oct 09 and the top two positions were won by Serengeti.

I’ve tried just about every sunglass product on the market, and was happy with my current choice. One from a company that used to make them for the US air pilots (you know which brand I’m talking about) and the other is a high performance, polarized pair from a brand that has a Hawaiian name (some of you may have heard of it). But the Serengeti sunglasses blew me away. Firstly, they feel great to hold, the sturdy, robust feel of a well made, quality product and just the right weight. The designs are stylish, modern, functional and will make any wearer look the business. But it was the moment when I put them on and looked around that made me say WOW.
The glass lenses looked crystal clear, the optical quality was fantastic, which meant I saw a distortion free image that felt more natural than other similar products. The lenses had the perfect colour to filter the harsh sunlight and enhance the contrast to make view look bright even though it is shaded, comfortable and glare-free. The lenses are as dark as most sunglasses, and being the only lenses of this type to be photochromic, they actually go darker still in the sunlight yet the vista appeared vivid, well defined and the polarising quality of the lenses suppressing most of the reflections in the visual field enhancing the vision further. It was at that point when I said THAT’S AMAZING!

Serengeti is the kind of product that clearly demonstrates the difference between ordinary sunglasses and a product that is conceived and produced solely to perform and to enhance the vision of the wearer. It separates the men from the boys of sunglass products. 
Don’t take my word for it, you have to come in and try a pair for yourself.

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