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MiyoSmart spectacle lens

MiyoSmart by Hoya: a revolutionary spectacle lens to help combat myopia

Central Vision Opticians are excited to announce that they are one of the initial practices trained and accredited to fit and supply innovative MiyoSmart spectacle lenses with DIMS technology by Hoya, for reducing the progression of childhood myopia without the need for contact lenses.


The incidence and prevalence of short sight (myopia) is still continuing at an alarming rate. This has been accelerated in the COVID19 pandemic where lockdown has increased the use of screen time and close work whilst reducing the amount of outdoor time. These factors have resulted in a sharp rise in the rates and progression of myopia.

What are the existing methods to manage and slow the progression of myopia?

There are now many established options for managing the rate of progression of short-sightedness and myopia by using a variety of specialist contact lenses to treat myopia and also reduce the deterioration. They are scientifically proven to make a positive impact on slowing the progression, be safe for children to use, give children a huge boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem and also reduce the likelihood of the risk of complications with eyes and blindness that are associated with myopia in later years. We’ve helped children with contact lenses from the age of 5.

Our clinic, one of the largest providers of myopia management in the world, has seen that our children who are wearing contact lenses to manage their short sight have protection from the effects of the pandemic and lockdown on their eyes. These children have hardly seen any changes to their eyes over the past year when children who are not wearing special contact lenses have seen huge deterioration in their eyes and vision. Read more about contact lenses for myopia management here>>>

What happens if your child can’t tolerate contact lenses, or they are too young?

Exciting development and research by Professor Carly Siu Yin Lam and Dr Chi-ho To conducted at Centre for Myopia Research part of the School of Optometry at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University changed the nature of spectacles that correct short sight in children.

How do they work?

They created a unique design of spectacle lens with “defocus incorporated multiple segments” (DIMS). These lenses change the focus of light that hits the periphery of the eye and retina compared to standard lenses. This effect of “defocus” on the peripheral retina was found to reduce the rate of progression by reducing the growth rate of the eye.

When were MiyoSmart lenses developed?

The first peer-reviewed study was performed between summer 2014 and 2017. This proved that children who are short-sighted progressed 52% less when wearing MiyoSmart lenses compared to those wearing normal/traditional spectacle lenses. This means there was half the change compared to children wearing regular lenses. This will make a huge impact on a child over the years when they are prone to significant change, usually to the age of 21. These lenses were launched in the Far East in 2019 and now have a track record of success.

How do they look?

Under normal viewing, the segments are barely visible. It’s possible to see them sometimes under the right light but usually, they are almost invisible.

What if my child has difficulties wearing them?

Almost all children adapt to these lenses within a few days. For your peace of mind, there is a full warranty for the lenses if your child doesn’t adapt to the lenses within 2 weeks.

What if they don’t work?

We’re so confident that they will slow down the rate of change of short-sightedness in your child that if their eyes change by more than -0.50DS within a year of wearing them, we’ll exchange them for a new prescription for free. There’s no better peace of mind and confidence that they will make a positive impact on your child’s myopia.

How do I order them?

Call now to book an appointment 02083431122. Your child will need an examination to check the prescription and also assess some of the other factors that contribute to faster progression of myopia to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help your child. The frame and lenses will be carefully fitted and measured to ensure the treatment zone is correctly aligned and working at the optimum level.

When do we follow-up?

Depending on the previous rate of progression we will examine your child again in 3 or 6 months.

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