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Tomato Glasses: Eyewear Specialized for Children

Tomato glasses is a multiple award winning leading brand for children’s eyewear, specifically created for new born babies up to teens, they have been designed to be the most comfortable, adjustable and light frames to fit any child’s needs.The brand was founded in 2003 by Mr Sungjoon Kim, when his son needed glasses and could not find any frames to fit him or be adjusted to do so. This predicament inspired Mr Sungjoon Kim to create this brand, in order for young babies and children to easily find their perfect pair of frames to comfortably fit them.

What makes tomato glasses different from other brands?

There are of course many brilliant brands that design comfortable eyewear for children, but there are not many which solely design their frames to fit a child’s needs. Tomato glasses are ergonomically designed to ensure they do not press on the temples, ears or nose and have the frames curved in between the head and face to ensure it is as comfortable as possible.

Clip on Nose pads:
Children’s nose bridges do not develop till the age of 9/10 years old, which is why the adjustment of the nose pad is such an advantage. Each frame has 3-5 sets of holes to fit on the nose pad, which can then be securely fixed on once you have found the best fitting nose pad to be clipped in.

Adjustable Temples:
The adjustable temple lengths are simple and easy to use and allow you to make sure they are fitting snug and securely behind your child’s ear. As the frames are designed to follow the face, they sit comfortably around the ear with the light cushioning added on the tip to ensure they are sitting gently on the skin.

Head Strap:
Each frame is provided with a head strap, which can be attached from the ear tips. Adding this feature will provide security for your child whilst running or jumping to ensure the frames to not move from any sudden movement.

Replacement Parts:
Each pair of frames that are sold comes with its own unique cassette kit filled with spare accessories for your frame, so just in case a nose pad has gone missing you will have a spare one handy.

We hold a large range of fun designs and colours for your child to try in store, and with our many years of experience with children's vision, as well with the Tomato Glasses brand, we will guide you and your child to find the perfect specs. Our dispensing optician in the practise will ensure any adjustments are fulfilled accurately and in accordance to what fits most comfortably for your child.

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