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Reading difficulties? We are delighted to offer a brand new assessment and examination for anyone struggling to read, including anyone with dyslexia or dyspraxia. This service is new and exclusive to Central Vision Opticians. It includes in-depth and detailed examinations for focusing skillsvisual trackingvisual processing and understanding, visual spatial awarenesshandeye and bodyeye coordination and more aspects of visual function. We now also include an assessment for Retained Infant Reflexes. Call for more information.

You can also arrange for an exclusive tinted lens assessment with ChromaGen lenses, this is essential for anyone with dyslexia, reading difficulties, “visual stress” or visual migraine.

Colour Vision Assessments and therapy with specially tinted lenses to enhance the colour vision of people with colour blindness

Cataract and Glaucoma Assessments and referrals on behalf of Barnet NHS. We have been specially selected by Barnet NHS to provide this service.

Computer users: We specialize in examinations for anyone who users a computer regularly and frequently, this is especially important if you’re having eyestrain or difficulties with your eyes when using a computer.


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