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Misight essential questions to ask

5 Essential questions you MUST ask BEFORE your child wears MiSight contact lenses

Are you considering MiSight contact lenses for your child? Ask your practitioner the following questions BEFORE your child starts wearing MiSight contact lenses.

When I went somewhere else, it was really, really hard. Since I came here [Central Vision Opticians] it's really easy to wear the lenses and my eyes hardly change at all

I P (Age 10)

How much experience do you have with MiSight contact lenses? 

Is it more than 6 years? We have been fitting them since 2017, we have many children that we have carefully followed and monitored for over 5 years to ensure they are safe and successful and what you to do to get the best results for your child.

How many children have you fitted with MiSight contact lenses? 

If it’s less than 100, they may not have the familiarity with the characteristics and performance of the lenses to provide the best fitting, experience and success for your child. We fit more MiSight contact lenses than most other practices in the UK and the world.

How do you monitor the change in a child who is wearing MiSight?

The internationally accepted way to monitor the change in children’s vision when they are short-sighted is to measure the change/growth in the length of the eyeball. The change that happens when children become myopic is that their eyeball grows at a faster rate. This measurement is called the “Axial Length” This is the best way to monitor the effects and success of the lenses. We use advanced technology to measure this very accurately so we can intervene, when necessary, hence our consistently great results

Do you offer any alternative contact lenses to MiSight lenses?

MiSight lenses are one of the best lenses for myopia management. However, they aren’t suitable for everyone, such as children with very high myopia or those with astigmatism. We use at least 7 different types of contact lenses that work for myopia management so we can ensure that your child will always have the optimum lenses for their eyes.

How do you assess the way a child’s eyes are working together and focus, to understand their visual system and why their eyes may be deteriorating?

As Behavioural Optometrists, we have been assessing and monitoring the effects of a child’s visual system on how their vision deteriorates. We always check if their eyes have difficulties with coordination (binocular vision) or focusing (accommodation) in more detail than most other specialists. We can treat these difficulties alongside our successful myopia management programme.

Before you consider MiSight contact lenses for your child, speak to us first. Drop us an email on [email protected] or call 02083431122

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