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what is short sighted myopia

What does it mean to be short sighted (myopic)?

What is Short-Sightedness (myopia)? What is Short-Sightedness (myopia)?What is happening to the eyes?What are the causes of myopia?What are the dangers of myopia?How can I tell if my child has myopia?What is the treatment for short sightedness?What should I do to help my child? What is Short-Sightedness (myopia)?Short Sight (also known as near sighted or myopia), is an increasingly common […]

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misight warning

Read this before your child wears MiSight contact lenses for myopia control [IMPORTANT]

Read this before your child wears MiSight Contact Lenses What are MiSight contact lenses?What are the causes of myopia?What is the importance of myopia control?There are four major factors that play a part in myopia in children.What needs to be assessed BEFORE you start myopia control with MiSight?What are the important questions you MUST ask […]

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Don't fit your child with ortho-k lenses

Don’t fit your short-sighted or myopic child with Ortho-K (sleep-in) lenses until you read this [WARNING]

The Dangers of Orthokeratology [WARNING] What is Ortho-K?The rise of myopia as an epidemicWhat are the risks of Ortho-K?Eyes may revert after lens wear stopsUnstable for lower prescriptionsIncreased risk of serious infectionOrtho-K is NOT licenced for Myopia ControlWhat are the best options for myopia control?The importance of a complete Myopia Control Programme What is Ortho-K?Orthokeratology, […]

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help your child with myopia

5 things you should be doing to help your child’s myopia

5 Essential Tips for Helping a Child with Myopia Get outdoorsHold books or devices further away Take breaks from close work and device use.SleepSpeak to an expert in myopia control ​Myopia is on the rise, it is reaching level higher than before. The numbers in the UK and the west have doubled over the past […]

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misight myopia control contact lenses

MiSight Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

As well as being one of the top 15 practices in Europe supplying this revolutionary contact lens. We are one of the only practices in the world to combine this technology with vision therapy to provide a complete Myopia Control Programme. Our results speak for themselves>> Myopia Control with MiSight Contact Lenses – All you […]

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