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Walter and Herbert spectacle frames

Walter and Herbert – Why is this our favourite range?

Walter and Herbert - Hand-made in England to give you high quality frames that feel great and look fabulous

The Walter and Herbert frame range heralds a welcome return to classic British design, artistry, quality and hand-made manufacture. The roots of the range come from the innovative entrepreneurs, Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn, who in 1946 pioneered a revolutionary new spectacle manufacturing business that would develop processes and techniques that, to this day, are still used in spectacle production around the world.

Reverting to the ethos of the founders and to an age when British industry was recognised as one of the highest standards of quality, the brand has replicated the unique essence of British manufacturing values.

Each frame is hand-made in England using the highest grades of plastic materials available. Just like many other types of materials, you can feel the difference in the quality, density and richness of the colours. This makes each frame stronger, more durable and feel great to wear.

The designs are drawn from classic and traditional shapes combined with the latest modern flair and style. You can’t help but feel stylish in them, whether you’re out with friends, in a business meeting, at your desk or anywhere else for that matter. Many wearers have returned to tell us about the flattering comments they received when sporting a pair.

Its not just the style and materials, special attention has also been paid to the construction. Traditional strong joints, pins and rivets add an additional layer of sturdiness. That attention to detail means you can relax knowing that the glasses you’re wearing reflect quality, British-made craftsmanship at is best.

The extensive range serves both men and women who are discerning about their look, style and the quality they want to project. Come in and try them...

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