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Life is too short for boring glasses

Life is too short for boring glasses

“Life is too short to wear boring glasses” As an independent optical practice, that's our new mantra. “There has been a massive revolution spectacle designs and the attitude that wearing the right glasses can make a statement about your personality, style and individuality”

For many years the eyewear market has been dominated by a couple of huge manufacturers They mass produce bland and boring designs on behalf major fashion labels and then charge you a massive premium for the privilege of having a logo. Most of them are produced by the same factory in the far east and shipped through Italy so they can stamp the “Made in Italy” mark.. If you look at the types of glasses that people wear, most of the major fashion brands will have designs that almost identical.

However, thankfully, there has been a movement to get people wearing bolder shapes and colours creatively designed by independent frame companies. They make unique styles using a wider range of materials and fabulous colours. They feel great to wear and will give you a unique look that will get you noticed.

There is a wonderful array of options and looks to for too, from conservative to flamboyant and from minimalist to extravagant. You can find something to suit your moment.

“We’ve had so many happy customers who come back and tell us how they’ve received loads of compliments about their new glasses”

What do your glasses say about you?

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