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FREE Visual Skills Training Worksheets

Vision is much more than having clear sight and healthy eyes. Vision is a learned skill that enables us to see the world around us. We learn how to move our eyes to the object we want to see, then follow the object and be able to say what it is. This is VITAL for being able to read and learn. These are special visual skills and a deficit in these will hinder a child (or adult) in learning. Some of these skills are:

Visual Tracking – Moving the eyes accurately, this is a fine motor skill. A problem with tracking can give difficulties for children to follow lines and words across a page of text.

Directionality – Being aware of right/left directions of objects and their position relative to the centre.

Visual Discrimination – Being aware of small differences in size, shape, direction, position etc of objects.

Visual Matching, Sorting and Memory – Making sense of the similarities or differences between objects. This is important in learning letters, words, numbers and how objects relate to one another.

Visual Spatial Awareness – Being aware of the space around them and how objects relate to that space. This can affect how well a child can move around, how well they can copy from the board as well as understanding mathmatics.

As part of The Reading Edge® assessment and therapy programmed for helping children to read and learn, we have produced some FREE visual skills training worksheets for your child to do at home to improve their visual skills. If you would like some worksheets for your child, please contact us using the form below or bring your child into the practice for a sight test.

If you feel that your child is struggling with reading, learning or with any of the skills above please contact the practice and we will be happy to provide a FREE visual symptoms assessment and then arrange an appointment for an in depth examination if necessary. (Please allow up to 48 for the FREE worksheets to be sent to by email)

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Ahmed Hussain says 13 March 2017

Is it possible to do this treatment for a 19 year old?

    admin says 16 March 2017

    Hi. Yes it is possible. Can you give me some more information please. My email is [email protected]

Nicole says 10 April 2017

I would like to worksheets please – I’m using them with a 3rd grader. Thank you!

Marut Patel says 1 June 2017

Please send me more details for vision therapy with assessment cost and therapy thereafter.would be pleased if I get some free vision therapy sheets emailed over as well Thanks

    Bhavin Shah says 5 June 2017

    Thanks for your comment. I have emailed you.

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