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Are you getting the best from your vision?

Lots of people come to see me for advice about varifocals they’ve bought elsewhere.

“I can’t get on with them, the vision is very narrow, the vision seems distorted, everything swims when I walk, I can’t walk down stairs etc”

I really want to share the advice I give to my clients to give you a better understanding of why you should be wearing varifocals, are they right for you? Why do some people struggle to use them?

And most importantly, with recent advances in computerised lens design technology these problems have been nearly eliminated.

As we get older, especially after the age of 45, our reading vision starts to deteriorate and we invariably glasses start to be a necessity (if they are not already). This change also means your eyes can’t change their focal point easily. Single vision glasses have one fixed focal point and if you need more than one focal point then your single vision glasses will suddenly start to be very limited.

Varifocal lenses have a specially blended surface so that the focus of the lens varies depending on the distance that you want to look at. Things further away tend to be located straight ahead while things closer tend to be in the lower field.

The clever design of varifocals means that when I look straight ahead I can see further away and as I move my eyes down the lens I can see closer objects clearly too.

The blending has the important added advantage that the vision is also clear for things that are in the intermediate view, not as close as reading but closer than distance, such as using a computer or visiting a gallery or even just seeing the food on your plate. Take note of the device you’re reading this information on and the distance you’re away from it and what position it is in your field of view.

So this sounds perfect for restoring the natural vision we were all used to and allowing us to see freely at lots of different distances, especially when our work and lifestyle involves such a heavy use of our eyes. Why do people have problems with varifocals then?

<img src=" visite” width=”275″ height=”168″ align=”right” />Well, the way that the focal points are blended on a varifocal to eliminate the line means that the sides of the surface of the lens have to be more curved than a single vision lens, This makes the area at the sides of the vision appear distorted and can even induce movement when looking from side to side.

Older lens designs used manual calculations and tools to make these lens so the area of distortion could never be controlled accurately. As a consequence these lenses were very cheap to produce but had large amounts of distortion and the cause of many of the difficulties that people have traditionally experienced with lenses. This is particularly apparent with any type of “budget” varifocal, some people can manage with reduced vision from the sides but its not thebest way to get the most from your vision.

The other most common problem is that wearers aren’t taught properly how to use the lenses to learn how to adapt to them. The difficulties and visual distortion they might experience hasn’t been explained to them. At Central Vision Opticians whenever you buy varifocals we’ll always take the time to demonstrate the right way to use varifocals properly so you’ll quickly be getting used to having great vision again.

The most exciting part about new technology that has an impact is the use optical computer sensors to measure the surface accurately and design a varifocal lens that is perfectly matched to your prescription and when this is combined with brand new computer controlled precision manufacturing technology, the clear region of the lens is widen significantly with any residual distortion pushed right to the extreme sides.

Older design of varifocal
New digitally designed varifocal

There will still be a small area of soft focus at the edges but it is hardly perceptible. As a varifocal specialist Central Vision Opticians are delighted to able to offer these exciting new designs of varifocals, we rarely ever get anyone who can’t get on with these lens designs.

Many outlets are still offering the older designs of lenses are leaving their clients wondering why they are not achieving the best visual performance they should be able to.

Some outlets may even offer an additional pair for free but they use out of date and poor lens technology in the free pair, meaning its not only free but pretty much worthless. But we want to make sure you always have the option of the best lenses for you so for a limited time we’re going to give you a second pair of the same high quality specs with high tech lenses for half price.

And remember that all of our varifocals come with a 1 month free guarantee to ensure that you’ll get used to them and completely risk-free for you.


Finally, were the measurements taken accurately? Having a lens where the power varies across the lens could cause blurry vision if the position of the lens is not precisely measured and manufactured.

Now my favorite part is how we’ve now virtually eliminated all of these difficulties.

Ask the Varifocal Specialists at Central Vision Opticians about the brand new computer designed ULTRA WIDE HD varifocals. Unlike standard varifocals, you’ll get a significantly wider field of view and more comfortable vision.

All of our lenses are also backed with a one month satisfaction guarantee, if you can’t get used to them we’ll change them at no charge. We rarely ever get anyone who can’t get on with the new designs of varifocals.


And unlike some outlets who’ll give you a second pair of inferior quality varifocals, we’ll give you EXACTLY the same high quality lens design.

If you’ve ever had difficulties with varifocals in the past come and speak to us

To arrange an appointment for your sight test and to find out more about the varifocals that give the widest and most comfortable vision?

We’ve created a guide to getting used to varifocals – coming soon


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