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The Reading Edge®

The Reading Edge® is an exclusive Behavioural Optometry assessment for children and adults with visual, reading and learning difficulties. It is not just a test of sight but an investigation of the entire visual system and how the brain processes visual information.

About 85% of all of the information we take in from the world comes through our eyes so if there is a difficulty in the way the eyes take in information or process it then it can affect the way you perform, from reading text, using mobile and digital devices, visual-spatial awareness to playing sports.

A Behavioural Optometry Assessment is particularly important for the following:

  • Reading difficulties, including missing words and lines or eye strain
  • Struggling to focus on text or screens
  • Squints, crossed-eyes or strabismus
  • Lazy eyes or amblyopia
  • Difficulties with visual tracking or eye movements
  • Dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism
  • Visual spatial and movement/balance disorders
  • Poor coordination and physical movements

An assessment will help to determine all of the visual elements in order to find the best course of action to improve visual skills and performance

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