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Our core values and promise to you

Our mission

Our mission is to raise people’s quality of life by helping them to improve their vision and to accomplish more. We are providing people with the tools to achieve their visual potential and to embrace upcoming opportunities. We are helping our customers to see the world, especially in a world where visual needs and demands are changing rapidly. Ultimately, we want to make sure that each of our customers will have the best possible vision for their entire life.

At Central Vision Opticians we strive to give you peace of mind that you’ll achieve the best vision and achieve your highest visual performance through uncompromised and comprehensive eye care using the latest, and best in class, equipment, knowledge, techniques, solutions and products.

Central Vision Opticians was founded in 2009 by a desire to provide personalised and uncompromised eye care. We promise to give you honest advice and offer amazing eyewear, the highest quality lenses and services that are right for you.

We provide a unique range of services and products that are exclusive to Central Vision Opticians. Everything we do is guided by our mission, core values and promise to you.

Our core values and promise to you

Passion and care

At Central Vision Opticians our customers and patients are at the heart of our business. Their eye health is our top priority. We always make sure we go the extra mile in meeting our customers’ needs. We have a passion for delivering excellent eye care products and high-quality services that make a significant difference to our customers’ lives.

At Central Vision Opticians we provide more than just glasses, contact lenses, eye care products, consultations. Beyond being committed to excellent eye care and improving people’s vision, we are ultimately changing people’s lives. We engage with our customers to understand each individual's visual needs and lifestyle. We consider everyone’s visual demands are unique and therefore, all our eyewear services and eye care products are designed to provide our customers and patients with their own personal recommendations specific to them.  

Vision for Life

Our core belief that vision is a central foundation to our lives, the way we sense the world and the way we react to it. Even those without sight still have a vision. Our lives are guided by visually directed decisions and actions.

Sight VS Vision

To truly provide value, we don’t just test your sight we understand YOUR vision.

Growth, Learning and Education 

It is our greatest desire to help people live a better life. By using the latest innovation, knowledge and research in the field we aim to inform, educate and develop meaningful relationships with a variety of people who ultimately will impact/have an influence on other people in the society. We help our public by educating them in terms of eye care habits, eye health awareness, nutrition and other lifestyle decisions with an impact on their health.

Trust and integrity

We provide a high sense of respect for our customers, we promote equality and fairness in our organisation and we always ensure that we comply with policies and regulations regarding confidentiality of our patients’ records and information. We are committed to transparency, ethics and integrity by respecting our customers and by being socially responsible.

Innovation and technology

We are a progressive practice at the forefront of new technologies to enable better communication, information, education, examination, decision making, fashion and optical/visual performance of our community. We also understand that our patients are using digital devices for many more hours than only a few years ago. We will ensure our community always has current information and products to help protect their eyes from “digital overload”

We love to work

Passion for work, delivering great customer service, solving the visual needs of our community

Individual visual needs and demands

We will strive to understand every single person has different and individual visual needs. We all use our eyes in different ways for a variety of occupations, tasks, interests, hobbies

Peace of mind

In addition to great eye care and gorgeous eyewear. We have a satisfaction guarantee so you don’t have to worry at all

Corporate Social Responsibility 

We care about the impact of our business on society. This is the reason why we are actively involved in the community by constantly finding ways to educate our public (from parents to teens, adults and elderly people). We provide free eye care informative sessions particularly to parents of young children with the goal of raising awareness towards the importance of vision maintenance and eye care.

We are also committed to charity work and we contribute to other fundraising and community events whenever given the opportunity.

Fun: life is too short to miss out of the beauty around us

We take eye care and vision seriously but we like to embrace some fun and humour in our lives that we love to share. Life is short and there are too many things to see.