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VSP eye test spectacles

VSP – Your trusted optical partner

VSP eyecare

As trusted partners of VSP eyecare, we have provided sight tests, glasses and contact lenses for employees of top companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google and KPMG.

VSP eye test spectacles

VSP members will receive our fantastic eyecare with full attention to all your visual needs. For most of the plans, the cost of the eye test will be billed directly to VSP, making the entire process easy. You will automatically receive a huge discount off your great-looking new glasses, whichever plan you’re on. Some plans will also contribute to the cost your next pair.

Call us now to make an appointment and mention that you are a VSP member to take advantage of the benefits from your company.

We provide VSP eyecare to employees of facebook
VSP eyecare for employees of KPMG
VSP eyecare for Google employees
VSP eye tests for Apple employees