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COVID-19: What does coronavirus mean for your eyes?

How COVID-19 could have changed your children’s eyes and vision forever?
In March 2020 at the onset of the pandemic, I gave a warning and prediction about how the COVID-19 could[...]
How to stop your glasses from fogging [TOP TIPS]
How to fight the fog? Tips on how to stop your glasses steaming up: From 24th July 2020, face coverings[...]
[COVID-19] How can your optician ensure you have a safe eye test?
The Coronavirus COVID19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. Within the space of months everything has changed. Something as important[...]
What happens to your eyes after COVID-19?
The Novel Coronavirus is still painting a puzzling picture. As doctors and scientists are getting to grips with the way[...]
Computer Vision Syndrome: Are your eyes suffering whilst working from home?
​The advent of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has radically transformed the way we all live and work. Within just two weeks, we’ve[...]

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